As a developer and supplier of comprehensive solutions for different areas of industry CRYO INTER TRADING LLC provides the following range of services:


  • Design of industrial construction projects for companies of energy complex, metallurgy, machine building, CHPP, food, chemical, petrochemical industries, etc.
  • Development and coordination with the Customer of construction management and works execution plans (CMP, WEP).
  • Selection and supply of equipment and accessories.
  • Construction and installation works: assembly and welding services, low, medium and high pressure industrial pipelining, as well as free-flow and vacuum pipes laying (including carrying out of the necessary tests); installation of power, cryogenic, heat exchange equipment and also steelwork erection.
  • Commissioning works and training of personnel in practical operational skills.
  • Guarantee and post-guarantee services for supplied equipment.


 Modernization of oxygen production shops at the industrial complex companies

  • Maintenance and modernization of the existing air separation plants as well as  construction of the new ones.
  • Maintenance and modernization of the existing cryogenic liquids storage and regasification systems as well as construction of new ones.
  • Replacement of the existing circulating cryogenic pumps with high-performance cryogenic pumps manufactured by CRYOSTAR S.A.S. in air separation units of air-separation plants of domestic production (PJSC "Cryogenmash").
  • Modernization of integrated air drying and purification units, including selection and replacement of zeolites and aluminum oxides with their highly effective analogues.
  • Maintenance of cryogenic reciprocating and centrifugal pumps.
  • Construction and modernization of existing gas filling stations.
  • Modernization of existing systems for the preparation and purification of neon-helium mixture and krypton-xenon concentrate with subsequent cylinders filling

Modernization of cooling systems for processing equipment at industrial plants

  • Reconstruction of the existing water circulating loops and construction of the new ones.
  • Reconstruction of the existing fan cooling towers and construction of the new ones.
  • Replacement of the existing heat exchange equipment with highly effective analogues.
  • Retrofit and construction of reactant water treatment systems in water circulating loops.

Having its own production facilities and all the equipment needed for construction & installation works, CRYO INTER TRADING LLC provides services in manufacturing of various metal structures and skids of process equipment piping not only according to the design documentation drawn by the company specialists on the basis of the Customer’s requirement specification, but also according to the drawings provided by the Customer.

The core company staff consists of engineering and technical employees, who have qualification certificates in accordance with Ukrainian Norms and EN Standard as well as qualified pipeworkers, steel erectors, power, instrumentation and control equipment installers, electricians and welders, certified in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian norms and EN.

Company specialists undergo regular developmental trainings at the production facilities of the world-recognized manufacturers of cryogenic, gas and heat-exchange equipment.

At all stages of works, quality control is performed in accordance with the quality management system certified to ISO 9001: 2008.

Sufficient level of English knowledge by engineering and technical personnel, necessary for coordination of construction and installation works, as well as high mobility of the material and technical and human resources of the enterprise makes it possible to implement projects outside the territory of Ukraine (CIS countries, EU, Asia). Immediate mobilization of personnel and equipment to the production site of the works execution country, strict adherence to the schedule of work and compliance with labor protection standards ensures the implementation of projects of any complexity in the shortest possible time at the proper level. 


15.05.2020 - Выполнена поставка криогенной ёмкости

Выполнена поставка криогенной ёмкости для Полтавского областного клинического кардиологического диспансера г. Полтава

17.04.2020 - Выполнена поставка криоцилиндра

Выполнена поставка криоцилиндра для Долинской центральной районной больницы

15.04.2020 - Рампы кислородные в наличии на складе

Продолжаем изготовление кислородных рамп. Делаем все возможное, чтобы оборудование для работы с медицинскими газами было доступно для наших Заказчиков

Ожидается очередное поступление криоцилиндров

Уже к началу мая склад нашей компании пополнится очередной партией криогенных цилиндров. Поступят криоцилиндры трёх типов: гидравлическим объёмом 195 л, 210 л и 480 л. Открыт прием предварительных заказов. Ввиду активного спроса, количество криоцилиндров ограничено.

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Выполнена поставка и ввод в эксплуатацию генератора азота на предприятие ЧП «Виктор и К»

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