The systems of fire, ignition and gas detection

Fire alarm is the main element in the building's security system, designed to detect fire at its initial stage and provide an alarm.

Automatic fire alarm, in addition to the fire detection function, starts the fire alarm system and activates the automatic fire extinguishing system, smoke removal system and other fire-fighting automatics.

Typically, the operation of the fire protection system is more effective if it is used with other security systems (burglar alarm, video surveillance, access control system).

There are integrated security and fire alarm systems.

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Fire extinguishing systems can independently track current status of the controlled area. In case of detection of fire areas, or the slightest threat of a fire hazard, these systems of mechanisms instantly transfer all information to the control point.

Today, automatic fire extinguishing systems are full control and extinguishing of fires in buildings and structures without human intervention. Such integrated processes include a main fire control panel and a local control panel, appropriate types of gas / fire sensors and suitable signaling devices for industrial operation.

We offer two types of fire alarm:

  • usual type panels;
  • smart panels with a microprocessor device.

Complete software allows you to provide perfect link between the system and the operator, as well as monitor all systems in real time, even remotely. The equipment meets the latest world standards and safety levels.

Input/output analog and digital
The circle of redundant communication link standard and with single fiber optic
Protocol Modbus RTU 485/232 TCP-IP
Touch-screen display HMI
Optical smoke sensors targeted and standard
Smoke and hot air sensors +
Combined sensors ultraviolet-infra-red
Gas infrared sensor IR high tech
Temperature sensors fibre-optic
Sparks and flame sensors +
Smoke sensors H.S.D. suction type
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