Foam fire extinguishing systems

Automatic foam fire extinguishing system, in dependence to the parameters and design features, significantly improve the efficiency and speed of fire suppression. For many enterprises, this method of firefighting is the most acceptable.

Due to its high efficiency, foam fire extinguishing is used in places with an increased risk of fire. Mainly, these are industrial objects of different applications.

Automatic foam fire extinguishing systems are used where firefighting is difficult or impossible in any other way.

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  1. Reduce water flow.
  2. Simultaneous coverage of a large area of ignition due to high expansion rate (from 2: 1 up to 1000: 1), which allows to provide total flooding.
  3. Reliable extinguishing of oil products in vessels and tanks;
  4. Foam can be produced by means of portable mobile units, stationary installations and fire-fighting trucks.

The systems we offer can work with any kind of foam agent, such as:

  • protein foam;
  • fluoroprotein foam;
  • film forming fluoroprotein foam;
  • synthetic foam;
  • aqueous film forming foam;
  • alcohol foam, both fluoroprotein and synthetic.
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