Gaseous fire extinguishing systems

Gaseous fire extinguishing systems are basically various sized cylinders equipped with a launching device for the release and storage of gas mixtures for fire extinguishing. Such a mixture is a substance which during flame localization is in the gaseous form.

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The gas fire-fighting module can be activated mechanically, electrically, as well as pneumatically or all the ways of activation can be combined.

The fire is localized by means of filling the room with a fire-extinguishing gaseous mixture.

The operational principle of the installations is based on a significant decrease of oxygen concentration in course of supplying incombustible gas to the hazardous combustion reaction zone.

We offer all types of gaseous fire extinguishing systems, in which the following fire extinguishing agents are used:

  • СО2 (both high and low pressure);
  • IG01 (Argon);
  • IG 541 (Inergen);
  • IG55 (Argonite);
  • IG 100 (Nitrogen);
  • HFC227ea (FM200);
  • Novec 1230.
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