Dry-chemical fire extinguishing systems

Dry chemical fire extinguishing system is one of the most common firefighting methods and one of the most effective ways of fire prevention. It is high resistant to the external environment effects. The systems are very easy and convenient to use. It provides for the possibility of their usage under almost all conditions and in all types of premises.

Such devices are installed at various offices, garages, private houses as well as at various industrial facilities and industrial factories.

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Operation of the fire extinguishing systems is based on feeding to the fire source of special fine powder, which prevents further spread of fire and can effectively and quickly extinguish the flared flames. Depending on the type of fire outbreak, such a system can counteract both localized fire points and larger fire areas spreading throughout all the premises.

The equipment can be filled with any type of powder.


  • affordable price;
  • ease of installation;
  • relative self-sufficiency.

We also offer fire extinguishing systems consisting of a two-component fire extinguishing agent (powder-foam) for stationary equipment, on wheels, mounted on a trailer or a vehicle with a tank. Fire-extinguishing components can be supplied apart, independently of each other or simultaneously through special sleeves. 

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