Fire extinguishing equipment

Fire extinguishing equipment is the main fire safety factor today.

Firefighting equipment must be installed in a public place so that in case of a fire source detection, any person could have free access to fire equipment and start extinguishing the fire on his own. The selection and the amount of fire-fighting equipment for each room is defined separately, depending upon the fire threat level assigned to this room.

The scope of fire-fighting equipment should fully ensure the possibility of liquidation and prevention of small fires on one’s own.

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The wide range of fire extinguishing equipment includes:

  • systems of telecontrolled monitor displays;
  • portable, hand-held and wheeled fire extinguishers;
  • mobile foam fire extinguishing units;
  • fire extinguishing pumps (portable and mobile hydrants);
  • yard and underground hydrants;
  • fire-fighting cabinets and valves for hydrants;
  • hose reels, fire lines and hoses;
  • emergency and rescue equipment;
  • branch pipes (water-foam);
  • nozzlesand water sprayers;
  • monitors (with manual, automatic, remote control, portable, high-altutude, long-distance);
  • fire extinguishing agents (powders, foam agents, gas systems);
  • fire-fighting trucks (multipurpose – water/foam/powder);
  • personal protection devices.
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