Gas analysers MFA 9000

The compact gas analyzer MFA 9000 is a portable device for measuring 14 different two-component gas mixtures, the measurement principle is based on the analysis of the thermal conductivity of gases.

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The ideal analyser for mobile use and service.


  • flexible due to 14 different 2 gas mixtures in one unit;
  • analysis of 3 component mixtures, provided that 2 gases of the mixture have a similar thermal conductivity and the third gas differs enough from this thermal conductivity;
  • mobile analysis of gas mixtures at the point of use;
  • continuous control of the gas mixtures when used with gas mixing systems;
  • alarm possible via min and max limit transmitter;
  • easy use through self-explaining functions and settings;
  • digital display;
  • easy calibration;
  • long service life of the sensor;
  • low-maintenance, light and robust;
  • cost-effective and practice-approved.


H2 in Ar H2 in N2 or air
He in Ar He in N2 or air
CO2 in Ar (0 – 60%)  CO2 in N2 or air
Ar in CO2 (40 – 100%) Ar in N2 or air
CH4 in Ar CH4 in N2 or air
Oin Ar O2 in N2
O2 in CO2 N2 in Ar

Housing stainless steel
Measuring range from 0 to 100%
Inlet pressure from 1.5 bar (dynamic) to 20 bar (static)
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