High pressure reinforced metal hose

Application - reinforced metal hoses are generally used for cylinder filling with oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium etc. They are firm and flexible which allows easy installation. 

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Hermetic high pressure metal hose consists of a corrugated hose made of high alloy corrosion-resistant steel, highly cold and heat resistant as well as resistant to aggressive mediums. The corrugated hose is covered with wire braid (also made of corrosion and heat resistant steel) and equipped with terminal fittings.

The range of reinforced metal hoses length varies from 0,5 m to 3,0 m with inner diameter of 8 to 150 mm and different connection types, in accordance with Customer technical requirements (cap nuts, house couplings, connectors)

Length from 0,5 m to 3,0 m
Inner diameter from 8 to 150 mm
Type of connection the flare nut, nut ROTH, euroconnector, fittings, etc.
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