Gas mixer MG 500/1000-ME ERC

Powerful electronic gas mixer MG 500/1000 for 2 gases, designed for a variety of industrial applications with high flows and fluctuating gas mixture production requirements.

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Easy operation:

  • an electro-pneumatic proportional mixing valve provides infinitely variable mixture settings: (with control unit GC50 (local); via Ethernet or analogue input (remotely adjustable));
  • user-friendly input of data and process parameter by integrated keyboard or via PC (for example MS-Excel®);
  • simple, intuitive operation; no qualified personnel necessary;
  • customer-oriented quality documentation by easy data management and evaluation;
  • gas mixture withdrawal possible from zero to the maximum flow capacity.

High process reliability:

  • inlet pressures and/or temperatures that are too low set off an audible/visual alarm and shut down the mixed gas supply;
  • lockable transparent door for protection of settings;
  • independent from pressure fluctuations in the gas supply;
  • possible for intermittent gas mixture withdrawal.


  • for flammable gases available as Ex-version with separate control cabinet;
  • monitoring of the gas supply by means of pressure and/or temperature transmitter; inlet pressures and/or temperatures that are too low set off a visual alarm (audible optional) and switch a potential-free contact (e. g. to shut down machinery to avoid quality problems);
  • integrated gas analysis for the monitoring/control and documentation of the gas mixture production with heater for mixer and control system;
  • with separate filter in the inlet.


All technical gases (excluding toxic and corrosive gases also mixtures of fuel gas with air, O2 or N2 O).

Scale division from 0 to 95 %, from 0 to 25 %, (from 0 to 10 %, from 0 to 5 % on request) by selection of suitable mixing range. The accuracy corresponds to ISO 14175
Mixing accuracy better than ± 0.5 %
Pressure system requires a pneumatic pressure at least 7 bar
Inlet pressure differential between the gases to 3 bar
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