Cryogenic tanks of TSS (ТСС) series

The presented line of TSS-750 - TSS-1000 (TCC-750 - TCC-1000) universal cryogenic tanks for transportation, gasification and storage of cryogenic gas products has a unique design allowing the tank to be used both stationary and on mobile transport platforms.

These tanks allow gasification, transportation and storage of cryogenic liquefied gases: nitrogen, argon, oxygen, CO2.

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The tank consists of a high-pressure vessel located inside the casing. The space between the high-pressure vessel and the outer casing is evacuated and filled with micro-fiberglass insulation, which is covered with aluminum foil for radiation resistance. The inner high-pressure vessel and vacuum casing are made of 304 stainless steel. All models are designed and constructed in accordance with EN 1251 and TPED.

The pipeline system provides filling the tank with gas and maintenance of the pressure declared in the specification. The pipeline system is also made of 304 stainless steel.

Globe and safety valves are made of brass or stainless steel according to the product specification. The fittings are made of forged brass and 316 stainless steel.

The instrument part of the pipeline consists of a pressure sensor and a differential pressure gauge, which provide a full-scale system monitoring. The differential pressure gauge provides a high-precision indication of the pressure level in the tank.

The tank automatically ensures the maintenance of the required vessel pressure by means of controlled liquid evaporation. The source of energy for pressure build up and liquid evaporation is the ambient air temperature. The evaporator is fixed to the tank underneath.

Volume from 770 to 980 l
Pressure from 8 to 37 bar
Height up to 2200 mm
Размер рамы 1430 × 1260 mm
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