Low-pressure cryogenic gasifiers

Low-pressure cryogenic gasifiers based on the multiple cryogenic cylinders off at 180 liters cubic capacity and 20 bar maximum working pressure are of modular design and allow quick installation at the Customer’s site.

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These low-pressure cryogenic gasifiers are specifically designed for applications requiring more than single cryogenic cylinder. These provide safe operating conditions.

Application areas:

  • welding processes;
  • metal laser-beam and plasma-arc cutting;
  • processes of thermal-vacuum treatment of parts;
  • pneumatic testing;
  • healthcare;
  • cosmetology;
  • analytical laboratories;
  • creation of protective atmosphere for the food packaging;
  • water oxygenation for fish farming and live fish transportation;
  • oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide regasification.

Customized low-pressure cryogenic gasifier designs consisting of 2 - 4 cryogenic cylinders interconnected with common charging valves and gas discharge valves are available, and optional production evaporator is available for the gas production rate improvement. This results in the integral gasifier unit allowing easy transportation and connection.


  • easy handling by overhead track crane, forklift, stacking truck or manual lifting truck;
  • suitable for stationary installation without the foundation constriction;
  • easy connection to the stationary storage tank or cryogenic transport tank;
  • suitable for transportation by trucks with carrying capacity of up to 1 ton;
  • exclusion of cylinders or cylinder bundles allows the capital and transportation costs improvement;
  • registration with the Gospromnadzor authorities is not required;
  • not the hazardous goods.
Operating pressure up to 20 bar
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