Hydrogen generators

Hydrogen generators are the completely automated, environmentally safe units designed based on the aqueous alkali solution electrolytic process. Water is used as raw material for the hydrogen generators.

Under the conditions of proper maintenance, the hydrogen generators offer failure-free operation over the years without the need for adjustments or settings.

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Water is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen by the direct-current induced electrochemical reaction. Hydrogen undergoes additional removal of water vapour and oxygen (purity level from 99.5 to 99.9995 %).

Pure oxygen (99.5 %) is discharged to atmosphere. Hydrogen and water vapour are only impurities in the oxygen. The low internal volume of vessels ensures the hydrogen generator safe operation. Automatic shutdown procedure switches the equipment to stand-by mode when fault is detected. The alarm system gives warning to the Customer when working conditions stray outside of set limits. 


  • low specific power consumption – 5.1 kWh/nm3 (including optional equipment);
  • quick start and discharge capacity adjustment from 40 % to 100 % in 5-10 s, reaching the full operation in 10-15 min;
  • of high-quality advanced materials only: pipelines, vessels, fittings and supporting structures are made of stainless steel;
  • units are free of asbestos (high-toxic substance);
  • complete automated control without the need for personnel performing the daily maintenance;
  • equipment operation control and process parameter monitoring are performed through the computer in the central control room;
  • guaranteed service life of electrolysis plants makes at least 20 years; life between overhauls makes 10 years;
  • equipment is available both in modular design for indoor installation at the Customer’s facility and in container configuration for outdoor installation. Container is equipped with heat insulation, ventilation, heating, alarm and fire-extinguishing systems, and is delivered ready-for-service;
  • minimum scope of assembly works (after delivery, water and electric power source connection is only required for unit operation).
Capacity from 0,66 to 170,6 nm³/h (hydrogen); from 0,33 to 85,3 nm³/h (oxygen)
Hydrogen purity from 99,5 to 99,9995 %
Operating pressure up to 30 bar
Weight from 180 to 15200 kg
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