Oxygen generators

Oxygen generators produce high purity oxygen from compressed air, allowing continuous availability at a very competitive cost, compared to alternative supply with cylinders or cryogenic tank.

Modular oxygen generators operate on the basis of adsorption technology at variable pressure (PSA) using modern carbon molecular sieve adsorbents.

Oxygen generators is designed to be easily installed in any indoor facility, requiring only a compressed air line and a power connection.

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Oxygen generators eliminates all disadvantages associated to purshase and operation costs of high-pressure cylinder systems or cryogenic tanks, enabling a permanent source of oxygen, with minimum energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

With purities up to 95 % of O2, nitrogen generators can be connected to an external buffer allowing a backup or a delay of production/consumption according to the needs of each application. The modular philosophy of oxygen generators allows the installation of multiple parallel units.


  • oxygen pressure up to 5.5 bar;
  • oxygen zirconium analyzer;
  • GSM/LAN monitoring.


  • independence from external gas suppliers and from fluctuation of the oxygen market prices;
  • suppression of logistic operations like handling of cylinders or liquid oxygen supplier management;
  • modular, flexible and low maintenance units.


  • dedicated air compressor;
  • pressure booster for pressure up to 300 bar;
  • food pack filter kit;
  • remote monitoring;
  • oxygen analyzer.
Capacity from 3 to 100 nm³/h
Oxygen purity up to 95 %
Inlet air pressure from 5 to 7 bar
Outlet oxygen pressure from 0 to 5,5 bar
Weight from 60 to 2000 kg
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