Compressed natural gas storage and transportation containers

The main application of this equipment is the transportation and storage of pressurized natural gas. Containers are designed for transportation of natural gas by land, sea and rail. One container includes from 3 up to 12 high-pressure gas cylinders, connected to a frame structure on both sides. Nominal operating pressure of a gas cylinder is 250 kgf/cm2. Specially, upon Customer’s request, containers with operating pressure up to 500 kgf/cm2 can be produced.

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A valve rack is installed at the rear side of the container, each cylinder is equipped with a separate globe valve to connect the cylinder connecting tube to the main pipeline. The connecting tube has a curved shape, which helps to reduce the thermal and vibration load that occurs during transport due to temperature changes. The main pipeline is equipped with a pressure gauge and a thermometer. Pressure gauge valves are installed in front of the pressure gauges.

Pressure gauges and thermometers are safety devices that require periodic inspection. The inlet and outlet connection is a coupling with a special hose connection. The front cabinet is equipped with a drain.


  • for transportation of compressed natural gas from one gas storage station to another;
  • for transportation of compressed natural gas to places where there is no gas supply pipeline network;
  • for transportation of compressed natural gas to places where the connection to the existing distribution system is impossible, etc.;
  • for storage of compressed natural gas at gas- filling stations;
  • for natural gas storage and subsequent gas supply to enterprises and settlements.
Operating pressure from 250 kgf/cm²
Size 40 ft
Number of cylinders from 8 to 12
Weight of a filled up container from 24480 to 33800 kg
Gas capacity from 5443 to 9261 Nm³
Weight of an empty container from 3888 to 6615 kg
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