Horizontal cryogenic cylinders

Cryocylinder is a cryogenic vessel for storage, transportation and gasification of liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide.

It consists of inner and outer vessels with screen-vacuum insulation in-between. With the help of an integrated vaporizer, the liquefied gas is converted to a gaseous state by means of heat exchange with the inner wall of the outer vessel.

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Cryogenic cylinders are equipped with all necessary globe, safety, and control valves. The use of cryocylinders increases efficiency and economy of technical gases supply.

Advantages of cryocylinders:

  • one cryocylinder replaces 64 standard 40 l cylinders.;
  • no power consumption required;
  • one person is needed for equipment operation;
  • no losses with constant, minimal product supply;
  • inner vessel is made of stainless steel, which ensures provision pure gaseous product;
  • safety: operating pressure is up to 16 bar maximum (as opposed to cylinders with operating pressure of 150 bar);
  • no costs for maintaining a fleet of cylinders and additional labor resources;
  • no registration in The State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety.

Documents provided:

  1. Quality certificate
  2. Certificate of origin
  3. Operation manual
  4. Test report
  5. Technical passport

Also there is always a full set of spare parts in the warehouse of our company.

Medium liquefied natural gas, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide
Volume 499 l
Materials stainless steel
Application transportation and stationary storage
Component parts inner and outher vessels, vaporization coil, globe, safety, and control valves
Max operating pressure up to 16 bar
Operating temperature - 196 °C
Capacity 30 m³/h
Dimensions 706 × 1011 × 2130 mm
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