Centrifugal cryogenic pumps CO

Cryogenic centrifugal pumps CO are designed for liquid products pumping under a pressure of up to 36 bar. It is ideal for tank trucks filling. Pump design is characterized by increased safety, which includes operation with oxygen. Provides enhanced protection against heat inleak.

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Peculiarities of CO centrifugal cryogenic pumps:

  1. Front removable housing cover facilitates access during maintenance.
  2. Safe design, which includes operation with oxygen.
  3. Reduced size and weight.
  4. Rotation speed of an oxygen pump is controlled via a variable speed motor.
  5. Screw inductor for changing height of a liquid column above the pump suction nozzle.

Heat inleak protection:

  • pump volute is connected to the electric motor by means of a spacer with four hollow connecting links;
  • hollow shaft minimizes heat transfer to the shaft;
  • thick plate with low thermal conductivity;
  • fully assembled cryogenic pumping unit on a stationary frame SKID;
  • electric control panel with a k-drive and soft start.

Supplied complete with a kit of spare parts for pump maintenance.

Applications filling of small capacity low and high pressure tanks, road tankers
Liquids pumped oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, liquefied natural gas (LNG), nitrous oxide
Drive type direct coupled
Design pressure up to 36 bar
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