Cryogenic pipelines

Cryogenic pipeline is one of the main elements of the systems of transportation of liquid cryogenic products from the producer to the consumer.

To minimize the transmission of heat by radiation, a multilayer shield insulation is applied to the surface of the process pipeline. The insulation consists of alternating aluminum and glass fiber layers.

The design of the cryogenic pipeline is of the "double pipe" type: the inner stainless steel pipe contains liquid, the outer stainless steel pipe houses the vacuum insulation and takes on external loads.

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In vacuum conditions, heat transmission by heat transfer is impossible because there is no direct contact between the inner pipe and the outer casing. Heat transfer by means of convection is also impossible due to the absence of fluid medium in the vacuum chamber. Radiation heat is prevented through the use of additional insulation: multiple shields reflecting heat radiation. Heat transmission is limited to heat transfer owing to the use of the necessary pipeline supports.

This type of pipeline is made of two concentric pipes: an inner pipe, also called process pipe, which contains the process medium, and an outer casing, also called vacuum chamber. The ends of each prefabricated pipeline spool depend on the on-site installation method, but always consist of a long metal connecting piece which allows to avoid the occurrence of heat bridges causing high thermal conductivity and cold spots in the pipe.

The cryogenic pipeline is manufactured in spools and evacuated at the manufacturer’s factory.

Advantages of cryogenic vacuum insulated pipelines:

  • significant decrese of heat transfer;
  • low operating costs, since pipelines of this type require repeated evacuation only once every 10-15 years for optimal operation;
  • the quality of vacuum insulation is approximately 10-20 times higher than the quality of other types of insulation such as polyurethane, foam glass;
  • quick and easy installation.
Pressure 25 bar
Expander temperature from - 196 ˚С to + 50 ˚С
Diameter from 15 mm to 600 mm (customized production makes it possible to manufacture pipelines in accordance with Customer request)
Length up to 11800 mm (customized production makes it possible to manufacture pipelines in accordance with Customer request)
Joint welded or bayonet
Accessories safety valves, temperature and pressure gauges
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