Injector cuttes FIT+

Injector cuttes FIT+ are used for for oxy-fuel machine cutting:

  • oxygen cutting of straight and shape cuts in accordance with ISO 9013;
  • oxygen cutting 3 - 300 mm;
  • hole piercing up to 150 mm;
  • applications with different fuel gases;
  • prepared for all cutting machines.
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Injector cuttes FIT+ benefits

  • high working efficiency with minimized nozzles exchange time;
  • safe operation ensured by COOLEX® system;
  • easy handling for machine operators because of tool-free nozzles changing system;
  • nozzles fixation done manually by special bayonet system, without any wrench;
  • one type of heating nozzle for all fuel gases;
  • extended lifetime of outer heating nozzle.

Machine injector torches are completed with nozzles (acc. to the Customerrequirements) for high-quality and high-speed cutting of metal with the thickness ranging from 3 up to 500 mm.

Joint G 3/8", G 3/8" LH, G 1/4"
Length from 110 to 320 mm
Diameter up to 32 mm
Fuel gas propane, methane, mixed gas (MAF - methyl acetylene fraction)
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