Injector cutters BGR

Injector cutters BGR are used for for oxy-fuel machine cutting:

  • oxygen cutting of straight and shape cuts in accordance with ISO 9013;
  • oxygen cutting 3 - 300 mm;
  • hole piercing up to 150 mm;
  • applications with different fuel gases;
  • prepared for all cutting machines.
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Injector cutters BGR benefits:

  • high productivity of oxygen machine cutting process due to high-speed cutting nozzles;
  • safe operations ensured by integrated COOLEX® system;
  • one type of torch for all fuel gases;
  • extended lifetime of cutting torch.

COOLEX® inside is a unique cooling system. Stabileandsafebrassinjectorisplacedinthemassivetorchbody. Aluminium cooling heat exchanger downstream the injector completes cooling function of the BGR. Heat is transported away from the injector which protects the torch against backfire. These features guarantee high process security, operation safety and long equipment life-time.

Machineinjectortorches are completed with nozzles (acc. to the Customerrequirements) for high-quality and high-speed cutting of metal with the thickness ranging from 3 up to 500 mm.

Diameter 32 mm
Length from 150 to 320 mm
Joint G 3/8", G 3/8"LH, G1/4"
Fuel gas propane, natural gas, mixed gases
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