Gas supply manifold BMD 500-30/-32

Manual single-stage gas supply manifold for inert, reactive, flammable and oxidizing gases and mixtures with the purity grade up to 6.0. For the connection of two gas sources or cylinders with maximum gas pressure of 230 bar.

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  • continuous gas supply during cylinder change;
  • for wall mounting or gas cylinder cabinet mounting;
  • for inert, reactive, flammable and oxidizing gases and gas mixtures;
  • excellent and accurate pressure control;
  • designed to minimize contamination;
  • low internal volume (nodead space);
  • metalisolatingdiaphragmvalves with 90 ° shut-off function;
  • ergonomical and functional design;
  • designed for easy installation;
  • long service life and easy maintenance;
  • suitable for ECD applications;
  • modular design: extendable - 2x2, 2x3, 2x4 cylinders;
  • tested at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM). Suitable for oxygen use.
30 - базовый shut-off isolation valve at the process gas inlet
32 - продувка технологическим газом the same as type 30 + additional inlet valve for process gas purging
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