Pressure regulators ECOSAVER with gas saving function

The ECOSAVER pressure regulators with a built-in flowmeter and gas-saving function is specially designed for significant gas savings at large volumes of welding works.

With the help of this pressure regulators, the welding quality and gas consumption indices are optimized in the control system, in particular when carrying out intermittent welding.

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Gas savingand accuracy

  • high adjustment accuracy, permanent maintenance of the set flow rate and operating pressure;
  • significant gas savings and quick payback of the regulator;
  • float-type flow meter most accurately shows the gas flow rate. The rotameter has a double scale with calibration for argon and carbon dioxide;
  • possibility to set the pressure from the required flow rate;
  • accurate, fast, convenient and safe adjustment of the required pressure.

Reliability and safety

  • guaranteed safety when working with a high pressure of 200 bar;
  • rotameter allows visual control even of the slightest gas leakage;
  • compact dimensions in comparison with usual twin-hull controllers, allow the use of ECOSAVER in a limited space and reduce the chances of mechanical damage during active operation;
  • reliable and durable cast casing made of high quality brass;
  • non-adjustable safety valve provides passive protection;
  • tested to impact and has a capacity benefit margin;
  • angular position of the outlet connection to reduce the risk of the gas hose damage;
  • climatic version allows using the regulator in the temperature range: from - 20 °C to + 60 °C (for argon); from + 5 °C to + 60 °C (for carbon dioxide).


  • allows gas saving at inlet pressure drops (when emptying the cylinder);
  • allows to save gas when changing the flow rate (intermittent welding);
  • provides a stable gas medium in the weld zone;
  • available with different connecting dimensions.
Type of Weld Gas saving
Spot welding 40-45 %
Mostly spot welding plus some seam welding 30-35 %
Equal spot/seam 25-30 %
Mostly seam welding 18-22 %

Gas argon, carbon dioxide
Inlet pressure up to 300 bar
Outlet pressure up to 4 bar
Gas flow rate 30 m³/h
Inlet connection G 3/4"; W 21,8×1/14"
Outlet connection G 1/4"
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