Pressure regulators FMD 300

The cylinder pressure regulators series FMD 300 is characterised by its high flow rate values and good regulating qualities.

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The FMD 300-14 consists of manual cylinder connection with knurled nut (included in the scope of supply), pressure regulator, upstream pressure gauge, downstream pressure gauge, relief valve and screw connections.The FMD 300-14 is used anywhere where gas is directly taken from the cylinder and where there is a need in greater flexibility for the end user when choosing a location for use.

The FMD 300-18 has in addition a regulating valve at the outlet.

The customary hose fittings and couplings are available as accessories. The inlet on the back end allows for particularly space saving installation.


  • convenient gauges location;
  • easy to operate;
  • inlet on the back side;
  • integrated relief valve;
  • diaphragm material Hastelloy;
  • seat seals in PCTFE;
  • FMD 300-18: with regulating valve.
Inlet pressure 230 bar
Outlet pressure from 0.2 to 12 bar
Operating temperature from - 25 ºС to 70 ºС
Gases inert gases, gas mixtures, oxygen
Gas purity up to 99.999 % (up to 5)
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