Cylinders for industrial gases, container type

Cylinder discharge and filling manifolds for industrial gases, container-type are designed for uninterrupted and continuous supply of industrial gases to a point of use and for uninterrupted cylinder filling with industrial gases. 

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Their main advantage is possibility to move them indoors (if needed), as well as transferring from one place to another (no need to mount or dismantle the system).

In accordance with the Customer technical requirements, a cylinder discharge and filling manifold for industrial gases is made for any number of cylinders within a range from 2 to 20 pieces as a single or dual-bank system. 

Operating medium кислород, инертные газы, воздух, водород, двуокись углерода
Max gas operating pressure 20 (200), МПа (кгс/см2) (кислород, инертные газы, воздух, водород), 10 (100), МПа (кгс/см2) (двуокись углерода)
Number of cylinders от 2 до 20
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