Reciprocating compressors

The C and P series present a comprehensive range of volumes and pressures, and an excellent ability to cope with particulate matter and condensates.


  •  oil and gas production;
  •  petrochemicals;
  •  refining;
  •  power generation;
  •  iron and steel

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The reciprocating compressors series C and P present a comprehensive range of volumes and pressures. The C series are one of the largest compressors in the World. With compressors installed with 17 MW of power they are heavy duty and high power units.

Where processes involve lower capacities, P series compressors are designed to run at moderate speeds with low mechanical stress, extending operational life. They can be supplied with single or dual compartment distance pieces for internal pressurisation or gas recovery. Design options include multiple head construction and a selection of materials suitable for any gases.


  1. The unique Free Floating Piston system uses a cushion of process gas to support the piston, eliminating rider ring wear and greatly extending intervals between maintenance.
  2. The unique Rsens sensor monitors rider ring condition in real time, allowing replacement to be carried out at the most economic and convenient stage.
  3. Skid-mounted units can be supplied with all ancillary and control equipment in place, pre-tested and ready for fast, simple integration on-site.
Power up to 33 MW
Pressure 600 bar
Rod load up to 1800 kN
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