Vertical compressors

The vertical reciprocating compressors cover an area of the lower capacity (lower than horizontal reciprocating compressors). They are the optimal solution for low space locations and requirements. These vertical compressors can be configured as a single- to-four cylinder design.


  • biogas;
  • biomass;
  • food industries;
  • pharmaceutical industries;
  • chemical and textile industries;
  • the delivery of natural gas for turbines or corrosive gases like chlorine

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Capacity control can be arranged by variable speed regulation, clearance pockets and valve regulations.

A design with dual acting or single acting cylinders can be offered when required by the process.


  • ​Multi or single stage compression on a small footprint.
  • Water or air cooled to reduce the footprint further.
  • Designed for maintenance, to assure easy access to components requiring routine maintenance.
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