Pressure regulators FMD PRIOR

Pressure regulators FMD PRIOR for inert gases and gas mixtures. The impressive performance qualifies this regulator especially for laboratory, laser, analytic and other applications, where precise and reliable pressure levels are needed.

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Pressure regulators FMD PRIOR is a double-stage with the first stage preset and a second adjustable one to achieve a very constant pressure level independent of the inlet pressure level. The pressure regulators FMD PRIOR is designed to combine excellent pressure stability, flow rate range, safety and gas tightness. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to operate and to set the required outlet pressure.


  • superior downstream pressure adjustment;
  • hand tightening nut for cylinder connection;
  • double-stage version for constant outlet pressure;
  • precise pressure level due to metal bellows;
  • 100% helium leck-tested.
Operating temperature from - 20 ºС to + 50 ºС
Capacity 5 nm³/h
Gas purity up to 99.999 % (up to 5)
Inlet pressure 230 bar
Outlet pressure from 0.05 to 10 bar
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