DINCONTROL pressure regulator for any type of gas

DINCONTROL pressure regulators are intended for reducing the pressure of the gas coming from the cylinder and for the automatic maintainance of the set operating pressure during flame machining. The design of the pressure regulator is very simple, reliable and safe, it allows to ensure high accuracy and efficiency of gas supply.

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Accuracy and economical efficiency

  • safe, reliable and cost efficient regulator;
  • significant gas savings and quick payback of the regulator;
  • high-precision flow control valve with built-in gas filter;
  • possibility to set the pressure from the required flow rate;
  • accurate, fast, convenient and safe setting of the required pressure;
  • precisely maintains the preset pressure.

Reliability and safety

  • guaranteed safety when working with the high pressure of 200 bar;
  • reliable and durable cast casing made of high quality brass;
  • corrosion-resistant reducer casing cover, with zinc coating inside;
  • additional vent with stainless steel ball valve device, which allows to suspend gas supply to the equipment during work breaks, leaving the regulator under pressure. Due to this, the service lifetime of the diaphragm and reducer is increased;
  • non-adjustable safety valve provides passive protection.
  • angular position of the outlet connection to reduce the risk of the gas-feed hose damage;
  • ATEX casing coating - a special lacquer that protects from aggressive media influences, meets the requirements of the European directive for devices and protective systems intended for use in explosive environments;
  • the climatic version allows the regulator to be used in the temperature range from - 30 °C up to + 60 °C.
Gas oxygen, acetylene, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, argon, air
Inlet pressure from 25 to 200 bar
Outlet pressure from 1,5 to 20 bar
Gas flow rate up to 60 m³/h
Weight 1, 54 kg
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