Oil injected bare shaft screw compressors

The wide range of oil injected screw compressor are supplied globally and exclusively to global network of nominated compressor packaging customers and suppliers. Delivering high reliability and performance for refrigeration and gas compression applications globally.


The oil-injected screw compressors provide high integrity, low maintenance solutions for liquid chilling, direct refrigeration and gas compression applications.

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Compact size and light weight. Designed for long periods of continuous running. Positive displacement design eliminates surging. Rotary action for vibration-free running.


  1. Сost effective to run and install.
  2. Reliable and easy to maintain.
  3. Long life and uses less power.
  4. Simple mechanical configuration.
  5. Minimized acoustic signature.

Pressure up to 75 bar
Power up to 8500 kW
Flow up to 29 000 sm³/h
Speed up to 5000 rpm
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