Oil Free Bare Shaft Screw Compressors

The range of oil free screw compressors is available in different configurations and materials providing the most compact arrangement, to allow the handling of gases with high levels of liquid, dirt and particulates. These configurations are eminently suitable for use with hazardous or corrosive gases, or where contamination is an issue.


  • vapour recompression;
  • gas gathering;
  • sour gas handling;
  • gas re-liquefaction;
  • flare gas recovery.

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Due to the absence of oil, the oil free machine has a much lower viscous friction than the oil injected machine. As a consequence, it can be operated at higher speeds which result in a higher volumetric delivery.


  1. Oil free gas delivery.
  2. Positive displacement/rotary action.
  3. Compact and lightweight.
  4. High integrity design.
  5. High tolerances to particulates, liquids and dirty gases.
Pressure up to 15 bar
Power up to 4 000 kW
Flow up to 26 000 sm³/h
Speed up to 15 000 rpm
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