Stationary storage vessels

Stationary cryogenic tanks are systems for storage and supply of liquefied natural gas, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide.

A vertical stationary cryogenic tank  with hydraulic volume from 2000 to 500 000 liters, operating pressure from 18.5 to 37 bar, is equipped with all needed globe and control valves, as well as instrumentation.

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The inner vessel is made of stainless steel. Pipelines are made entirely of stainless steel and are ergonomically arranged, reliable for long-term operation. The outer vessel is made of carbon steel. The insulation of the space between the inner and outer vessels is vacuum-pearlite, which minimizes product losses. The quality of the welded seams was checked with a helium mass spectrometer. This ensures long-term preservation of vacuum.

The offered cryogenic tanks are certified on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, as well as the EU countries and have been in demand for 30 years in the metallurgical, engineering, chemical industries. The service life before the first technical diagnosis is 20 years.

Stationary cryogenic tanks are made of:

  • inner and outer vessels with perlite-vacuum insulation;
  • piping with globe, control, and safety valves;
  • pipelines made of stainless steel;
  • atmospheric vaporizer;
  • of pressure build-up.
Configuration vertical or horizontal
Volume from 2 000 to 500 000 l
Operating pressure from 18,5 to 37 bar
Materials inner vessel – stainless steel, outer vessel – carbon steel
Insulation type multilayer perlite and vacuum
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