Regulators reduce the pressure of gas or liquid coming from a source, for example, from a cylinder or compressor, to the level required for the operation of any device, for example, an analyzer.

A pressure regulator provides higher resolving power and stabilization when the pressure at its inlet and the range of the controlled pressure most closely meets the pressure requirements in the medium supply system.

Resolving power is the number of handle revolutions required to switch the regulator from the lowest to the highest pressure value at the outlet.

Stabilization is the ability of the regulator to maintain a set pressure at the outlet.

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Accurate pressure control is extremely important for safe operation of your system with liquid or gas media. Regulators provide maintenance of pressure and minimization of pressure drops in the systems designed for various pressure ranges and flow rates.

Back-pressure dome loaded regulators

  • proper control of inlet and outlet pressure to protect the expensive and sensitive equipment from damage;
  • back-pressure dome loaded regulators enable dynamic pressure control to provide more consistent upstream pressure as flow demands vary;
  • proper control through the fixed gas dome by balancing the dome pressure against the force of the inlet pressure.

Back pressure spring loaded regulators

  • maintenance of upstream pressure control in analytical or process systems;
  • protection of the expensive and sensitive equipment from damage;
  • low internal volume;
  • a variety of modifications to adapt to any settings or requirements including the following ones.

Pressure-reducing dome-loaded regulators

  • minimize pressure droop by balancing outlet pressure with dome pressure;
  • enable dynamic pressure control to provide more consistent downstream pressure as flow demand vary;
  • maintain proper control by balancing the dome pressure against the force of the outlet pressure.

Pressure reducing spring-loaded regulators

  • reduce downstream pressure and keep it constant, even when inlet pressure or flows fluctuate; 
  • control of the inlet pressures up to 700 bar;
  • minimization of the pressure droop in the conditions when the inlet pressure and flow fluctuate;
  • are suitable for gas or liquid systems of high-purity grade and high-flow applications; 
  • the reducers are available in the following variants of execution: in bottom-mounting, self-venting, tamper-free designs, as well as panel-mounting, convoluted and non-perforated diaphragm, metal or polymer seats, and two-stage configurations.

Specialized pressure regulators

  • vaporization: evaporative regulators, steam-heated and electrically heated for the vaporization of liquid samples and for the pre-heating of gas samples;
  • automatic switching between two gas sources with the gas cylinder changeover model, easing the burden and downtime associated with manual changeovers;
  • a special protective regulator provides for a low pressure area with high inflow of an inert gas to the vapor space of a storage tank.
Material of execution stainless steel
Pressure up to 700 bar
Types back-pressure dome loaded regulators, back pressure spring loaded regulators, pressure-reducing dome-loaded regulators, pressure reducing spring-loaded regulators, specialized pressure regulators
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