Quick connects

Quick connects are engineered to minimize spillage and air inclusion.

Push-to-connect design enables quick and simple installation without twisting, turning, or wrenching.

Available in a wide range of configurations, stem and body connectors, including single-end shutoff and double-end shutoff models, and an array of end connections.

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Full-flow quick connects

  • guaranty of unrestricted flow for transfer, drain and vent systems;
  • easiness of O-ring replacement without disassembling the body;
  • a variety of stem and body protector options;
  • are rated for a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

Instrumentation quick connects

  • are offered with a single-end or a double-end shutoff design to minimize drips; 
  • are suitable for sampling systems and test or calibration equipment when you require frequent connections, minimal air inclusion, and minimal spillage; 
  • require just one O-ring seal in the stem insert, yet improve O-ring containment;
  • retain the stem with a locking dog mechanism with a large contact area.

Miniature quick connects

  • enable fast and easy connections in small sizes;
  • suited for laboratory use;
  • offer fingertip operation due to a lightweight, compact design;
  • reduce spillage and air inclusion with low dead volume.

PTFE-sealed quick connects

  • suitable for hazardous chemical applications, these quick connects minimize spillage and air inclusion in harsh or corrosive environments;
  • chemically compatible with many substances; 
  • equipped with recessed seals for protection;
  • use a flush valve design.

Spare parts and accessories for quick connects

  • keyed and color-coded parts help to avoid cross-contamination or harsh reaction from inappropriate mixing of chemicals;
  • body and stem protectors are also available.
Tubes dimensions from 3 up to 15 mm and from 1/8 up to 1/2 inches
Material of execution stainless steel, brass
Pressure up to 206 bar
Types full-flow quick connects, instrumentation quick connects, miniature quick connects, PTFE-sealed quick connects, spare parts and accessories for quick connects.
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