Contaminants can lead to off-spec products and other problems downstream, but Swagelok filters can help. 

If your operations require the removal of liquid or particulate contaminants, turn to Swagelok filters for reliable, repeatable results.

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  • remove contaminants from the system;
  • available for liquid and gas service;
  • wide variety of filter elements materials and nominal pore sizes;
  • all-welded, in-line and Tee typeconfigurations;
  • ceramic filtration technology forhigh-purity systems.
Tubes dimensions from 3 up to 12 mm and from 1/8 up to 1/2 inches
Material of execution stainless steel, brass
Pressure up to 413 bar
Types coalescing-particle filters, high purity filters, particulate filters: in-line and Tee-type, spare parts and accessories for filters
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