Tubing tools and accessories

Tools and accessories for tubes cutting and preparation provide for tubes cutting, bending and deburring with repeatedly good results, tightness is guaranteed:


  • electric, bench top, and hand tube benders;
  • tube preparation tools;
  • tube support systems.
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Electric, bench top, and hand tube benders

Tube benders provide high-quality bends on fractional and metric tubing made from materials that can be used with Swagelok tube fittings. These easy-to-use tube benders reduce installation time and effort as well as the potential for wrinkling or other damage to the tubing during bending.

Tube preparation tools:

1. Tube cutter

The tube cutter cuts stainless steel, soft copper, and aluminum tubing from 3/16 up to 1 in. and from 4 up to 25 mm outside diameter.

  • flare-out and work hardening of tube end is reduced;
  • knobs on handle are spaced in 1/8-turn increments to provide easy reference when advancing cutter wheel.

2. Tube sawing guide

The tube sawing guide holds tubing to enable fast, accurate cutting with a hacksaw. The guide helps reduce tubing preparation time, thereby speeding system assembly.

  • specially designed clamp holds tubing accurately, without distorting or scratching the tube surface;
  • precision guides easily position blade for all cuts;
  • recess under guide plates provides blade clearance at endof stroke;
  • retractable spring-loaded clamp allows tubing to beinserted easily;
  • guide accepts tubing sizes from 3/16 up to 1 in. and from 4 up to 25 mm outside diameter;
  • design permits easy mounting in vise.

3. Tube deburring tools

These tools ensure deburring stainless steel, steel, and hard alloytube ends after use of the tube cutter or tube sawing guide.

  • for deburringthe inside and outside tube diameters of 3/16 up to 1 1/2 in. and from 4 up to 38 mm tubing;
  • steel blades for long service life;
  • rugged, heavy-duty die-cast housing.

4. Tube gripper pad

The tube gripper pad allows mounters to hold tubing with a firm, secure grip while using the tube cutter or tube deburring tool.

Tube support systems

Tube support systems offer versatility for mounting tubing and pipe. Three support kit configurations single, twin, and single stacking are available. Three mounting configurations weld plate, mounting rail and rail nuts, and strut nuts are available.

  • absorb shock and vibration;
  • resist many chemicals andcorrosives;
  • reduce stress on system components;
  • enhance system reliability;
  • resist ultraviolet light;
  • make system easily accessible for installation andmaintenance.
Electric tube bender for the tubes diameter from 25 up to 50 mm and from 1 up to 2 in
Bench top tube bender for the tubes diameter from 6 up to 30 mm and from 1/4 up to 1 1/4 in
Hand tube bender for the tubes diameter from 3 up to 12 mm and from 1/8 up to 1/2 in
Tube cutter for the tubes diameter from 4 up to 25 mm and from 3/16 up to 1 in
Tube sawing guide for the tubes diameter from 4 up to 25 mm and from 3/16 up to 1 in
Tube deburring tools for the tubes diameter from 4 up to 38 mm and from 3/16 up to 1 1/2 in
Tube support systems for the tubes diameter from 6 up to 25 mm and from 1/4 up to 1 in
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