Transport cryogenic tanks

Transport cryogenic tanks are designed for storage and transportation of small and medium volumes of liquefied cryogenic gases (oxygen, argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide). Cryogenic transport tanks provide reliable transportation and rapid filling of stationary cryogenic tanks.

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The design of a cryogenic transport tank provides for safety against overturning and easy control. Installation is carried out by simple fastening of bushing in the drive truck, thanks to which the tanks can be used not only for transportation, but also for temporary storage. The temperature of the transported cargo is preserved during transportation due to the use of multilayer screen-vacuum super-insulation. To accelerate the filling of stationary tanks and minimize losses of cryoproducts, transport cryogenic tanks are equipped with cryogenic centrifugal pumps.

Complete set of equipment include:

  • chassis;
  • horizontal transport tank;
  • submersible or centrifugal pump;
  • valve rack, complete with all the necessary shut-off and control and safety valves.
Hydraulic volume from 2000 to 20 000 l
Operating pressure from 3 to 22 bar
Materials stainless steel or aluminium inner vessel, carbon steel or aluminium outer vessel
Vessel insulation multilayer screen-vacuum super-insulation, ensuring minimal losses of cryoproducts
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