Turbo expanders TC

In the turbo expanders TC the power is recovered by a compressor using the same shaft. High efficiency, high reliability impellers for expander and compressor.

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The standard cost effective expander package can be customized to meet the most stringent customer specifications or standards like API617 and API614.

Typical Application:

  • industrial gas industry to provide refrigeration when a process booster compressor is required;
  • oil and gas industry: natural gas treatment (dew point control, ethane recovery, LNG production, NGL and LPG recovery);
  • petrochemical plant for refrigeration.

Usual Gases Handled: air, nitrogen, or waste gas from air with high oxygen or with CO, CO2, (Sour) natural gas, H2 & CH4 mixtures, LNG, NGL, LPG.

Power up to 12000 kW
Pressure up to 200 bar
Flow up to 2.5 million Nm³/h (550 kg/s)
Expander temperature from - 270 °C to + 200 °C
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