Turbo expanders TFC

Turbo expanders TFC was developed with a cold (cryogenic) compressor on the same shaft as well as an additional oil brake to extract energy from the process.

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Turbo expander TFC allow a very flexible operation as the turbine power can be dissipated via an oil brake and an optional variable diffuser allows a wide range of compressor flows.

Typical Application:

Industrial gas industry (air separation units) to provide refrigeration when a process cryogenic booster compressor is required with adjustable cold power provided by the oil brake.

Usual Gases Handled: air, nitrogen, waste gas from air with high oxygen content.

Pressure up to 70 bar
Flow up to 150 000 Nm³/h (50 kg/s)
Expander temperature - 196 °C for expander and compressor
Power generated by the expander up to 2000 kW; up to about 300 kW of refrigeration through its oil brake
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