Turbo expanders LTG/LTP

LTG - turbo expander with low or high voltage generator and usually with gear box.

LTP - turbo expander with oil pump brake on a common shaft.

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A significant improvement of the refrigeration cycle efficiency and power savings between 1 % and 3 % of the total power consumption of the plant.

The “cartridge” design of the expander allows access to the rotating element without removing the expander casing (and its cold box extension or annex plate).

Typical application:

  • Industrial Gas Industry (Air Separation Units): to provide refrigeration and generate electricity (LTG);
  • oil and Gas Industry: Natural gas liquefaction plants.

Usual gases handled: air, nitrogen, or waste gas from air with higher oxygen content, Liquefied Natural Gas, mixed-refrigerants (propane, butane).

Power up to 7000 kW
Pressure up to 200 bar
Flow up to 2000 м³/h (1.6 million Nm³/h)
Expander temperature from - 200 °С to + 200 °С
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