Natural gas liquefaction plants

Liquefaction plants allow the production of liquefied natural gas by means of its cooling at the temperature below - 160 °C from various sources.

LNG sources:

  • transport pipelines;
  • renewable sources (biogas, landfills);
  • associated gas;
  • stranded gas from coal mines. 
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Depending up on thenecessaryparameters, basicconfigurationcaninclude: compressor, natural gas treatment and drying unit, liquefaction unit, electric pump unit, LNG storage vessel.

The advantage of liquefaction process are production cycle flexibility, simple technology, easy-to-operate, verified technological solutions, high level of safety. It should be also noted that LNG is ecologically friendly fuel: 5-10 times less contaminating agents are exhausted during its burning.

Apart from liquefaction plants for natural gas Cryo Inter Trading LLC also supplies the following equipment for LNG:

  • transportation equipment: ISO-containers, semi-trailers;
  • storage equipment: stationary storage vessels, flat bottom tanks;
  • gasification equipment: vaporizers;
  • cryogenic pumps;
  • valves.


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