Fan cooling towers

Fan cooling towers with counter flow of cooled water and air stream. This type of cooling towers allows the most effective usage of the construction area, which means that maximum cooling capacity is ensured by minimum dimensions. This type of cooling tower arrangement is the most widely used at industrial enterprises.

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Cooling tower is made of FRPP, which is characterized by high strength and corrosion resistance.

Metal hardware used for cooling tower assembly and erection is made of stainless steel. All cooling tower components (fill, drift eliminator, louvers, etc.) are made of fire safe materials.


  • field erected fan cooling towers of fiber-glass reinforced polyester;
  • optimal thermal performance design;
  • resistance to high level of suspended matters in circulating water;
  • resistance to aggressive mediums.

The Customer is provided with pipeline diagram (cooling tower support points) to the existing or newly constructed concrete basin. As soon as the basin is constructed, the company provides a supervisor engineer who controls entire installation process, commissioning, and start-up activities.

Fan cooling towers made of FRPP are an alternative to traditional metal fan cooling towers, with longer service life.

Auxiliary equipment:

  • variable frequency drive;
  • heat exchange equipment for closed-loop systems;
  • pumping stations;
  • mechanical filtration system;
  • station for circulating water stabilizing treatment;
  • control cabinet/system for circulating water operation control. 

Fabrication field-assembled
Capacity from 2 000 000 to 20 000 000 kcal/h per cell
Cooling capacity from 350 to 5600 m³/h per cell
Industries general industry companies, including power, metallurgical, petrochemical industries, machine building, and others
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