Fan cooling towers

Modular fan cooling towers are designed to reduce installation costs, since they are supplied with large unit-forming elements that are mounted on-site within a short time. This unique design ensures many years of operation in severe industrial conditions.

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Inlet louvers and drift eliminators in this cross flow cooling tower are integrated into the fill unit, altogether providing efficient and high-performance cooling system. Mechanical system consists of a gear, a motor, and a drive shaft made of composite material, application of which allows the motor to be removed from the wet air flow. The design of this type of cooling tower allows to work effectively with minimum water pressure, supplied into the water distribution system, which has a positive effect on the energy efficiency of all water circulating loop and significantly reduces noise that is generated during operation. Owing to its modular design and ease of maintenance, this type of cooling tower is the most preferred solution for the industrial market.


  • packaged cross flow cooling towers made of FRP;
  • low noise level during cooling tower operation;
  • high efficiency;
  • resistance to aggressive mediums;
  • resistance to high salt content in circulating and make-up water;
  • ease of operation and maintenance.

Auxiliary equipment:

  • cooling tower design according to existing basin dimensions;
  • polypropylene fill for high-temperature circulating water;
  • FRP approved for drinking water (for pharmacy and food industry);
  • low-noise fans;
  • variable frequency drive;
  • heat exchange equipment to provide closed-loop system;
  • pumping stations;
  • mechanical filtration system;
  • station for circulating water stabilizing treatment;
  • cooling tower control cabinet/system for water circulating loop operation control.
Fabrication factory-made
Capacity from 400 000 to 5 000 000 kcal/h per cell
Cooling capacity from 100 to 600 m³/h per cell
Industries general industry companies, including machine building, food industry, air conditioning and others
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