Fan cooling towers

Module cross-flow cooling towers are designed for reduction of erection expenses as they are supplied in units which take short time to be mounted on site. 

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Small size of cooling tower is ideal for its installation in limited space. No additional concrete basin is needed for this series of packaged cooling towers.


  • packaged counter flow fan cooling towers made of FRP;
  • the highestcooling efficiency;
  • operation under conditions of high-temperature inlet water;
  • resistance to aggressive mediums.

Auxiliary equipment:

  • increased basin capacity;
  • polypropylene fill for high-temperature circulating water;
  • FRP approved for potable water (for pharmacy and food industry, etc.);
  • low-noise fans;
  • customized solutions;
  • variable frequency drive;
  • heat exchange equipment for closed-loop system;
  • pumping stations;
  • mechanical filtration system;
  • station for circulating water stabilizing treatment;
  • cooling tower control cabinet/ system for water circulating loop operation control.
Fabrication factory-made
Capacity from 500 000 to 5 000 000 kcal/h per cell
Cooling capacity from 80 to 1400 m³/h per cell
Industries general industry companies, including machine-building, food and pharmaceutical industries, and others
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