PlugN'Play cooling systems

PlugN'Play cooling systems are common technical solution. They are used when there is need to cool gas medium or when there are strict requirements to water quality used in process equipment.

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Cooling systems "open circuit" - "closed circuit " are interconnected by means of plate or shell-and-tube heat exchangers. The "closed circuit" is filled with treated water, which circulates between the heat exchanger and the process unit with a help of a circulation pump station. Obtained heat is transferred by means of the heat exchanger into the "open circuit", the water in which is cooled by evaporation. Circulating water is stabilized and mechanically treated to prevent the failure of the heat exchanger or loss of its efficiency.

PlugN'Play are a skid-mounted cooling systems made of hand-laid polymer fiber, which include the following components:

  • circulating pumps for "open and closed water circuits";
  • integrated heat exchanger;
  • automatic/manual filter;
  • water treatment and bleeding systems;
  • electrical and control panels;
  • variable frequency converter.

PlugN'Play cooling systems are made on "turnkey" basis according to Customer’s individual needs.

Fabrication factory-made
Capacity from 30 000 to 1 000 000 kcal/h per cell
Cooling capacity from 10 to 240 m³/h per cell
Industries general industry enterprises, including machine building, compressor stations, food and pharma, oil extraction plants and others
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