Adsorbents are used in the complex air purification units at modern air separation plants to purify the air from moisture, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons, for chromatographic separation of mixtures, in gas masks, in medicine, petrochemistry for oil products and gases cleaning, as well as high-vacuum technology for sorption pumps.

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Many important industrial processes, such as production of nitric, hydrochloric and sulfuric acids (water absorption of gaseous nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen chloride and sulfuric anhydride), soda production (absorption of carbon dioxide), purification of exhaust industrial gases from harmful impurities (hydrogen sulphide, sulfurous anhydride, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc.), extraction of hydrocarbon gases and impurities (for example, the so called gas gasoline, cracking and pyrolysis gases), as well as the isolation of individual hydrocarbons are based on process of absorption. 

Product range includes: 

  • hydroprocessing catalysts;
  • biofuel catalysts;
  • support of catalysts and bounding agents;
  • chemical catalysts;
  • cracking additives;
  • catalysts for medium cracking;
  • petrochemical adsorbents and natural gas adsorbents;
  • polyolefin catalysts;
  • molecular filters (sieves).
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