Carbon dioxide cylinders filling station SNBU (М) - 2/7,3

The carbon dioxide cylinders filling station is designed for simultaneous filling of two cylinders with liquid carbon dioxide with weight batching to control the weight of cylinders to be filled, as well as for charging the cylinders of fire extinguishing systems, fire extinguishers and other cylinders with carbon dioxide.

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The station consists of a pumping unit, a control system and electronic scales, which are ready-to-operate and do not require any installation works.

Charging can be carried out in the mode with manual or automatic (on request) shutdown of the pump when the cylinder being filled reaches the specified weight.

The design of the station eliminates the ingress of lubricant oil into the cylinder being charged.

The pumping unit and the piping system of the station are protected against emergency increase of working pressure during operation - first the electric-contact pressure gauge switches off the pump motor contactor, and in case of further pressure increase - the carbon dioxide is discharged through the safety valve.

The station is equipped with stainless steel inlet and outlet hoses with a connection node to medium-volume cylinders.

The equipment is supplied with a full package of operation and maintenance documentation:

  • operation manual;
  • certificate for components.

Standard equipment includes:

  1. Filling station
  2. The sleeve RNVD 331.22.00. Н-14 / Н-14 8 × 1,2 with connecting node
  3. Electronic scale with an enhanced weighing platform

Additional equipment available on request:

  1. The sleeve RNVD 331.12.00. H-15 / H-16 25x2,0 with flange DN 32
  2. A set of spare parts for the pump
  3. A set of spare parts for the filling station
Operating medium liquid carbon dioxide acc. to GOST 8050-80
Maximum output up to 300 kg/h
Estimated output up to 15 cylinders/h
Operating pressure 40 kgf/sm2
Power supply industrial network 220/380V
Electric motor power 1,5 kW
Volume of the charged cylinder from 1 up to 40 l
Weight of the station (without the scale and ramp extension) not more than 105 kg
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