Cryogenic ball valves

Cryogenic ball valves are used for the most severe operating conditions:

  •  influence of pressure, temperature;
  •  acidic environments;
  •  high flow intensity;
  •  use of hazardous substances.

They provide fast opening and closing times, suitable for use in tanks, as well as for cryogenic pumps, pipelines or low pressure trailers. Designed for air separation products, vapors and cryogenic liquefied gases.

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Stainless steel body and upper part, gland packing, degreased for oxygen service, version with pressure relief opening.

Types of execution – on order only:

  • edge joint for pipes;
  • inside thread connection;
  • lockable stainless steel handle;
  • with pneumatic actuator.
Оperating temperature range from - 50 °C to + 190 °C
Сonnection dimensions from DN 15 to DN 150
Materials stainless steel
Сonnection butt weld or socket weld
Operating pressure from 25 to 100 bar
Installed length from 65 to 260 mm
Height from 70 to 248 mm
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