Stand for the inspection of cylinders SOB – 40 R (СОБ-40 Р)

The stand for the inspection of cylinders SOB-40P (СОБ-40 Р) provides the following operations:

  1. Unscrewing (screwing in) the valve with a specified* torque.
  2. Visual inspection of the outer and inner surfaces of the cylinder.
  3. Weighting of the empty and water-filled cylinder (optional).
  4. Unscrewing (screwing in) the testing adapter with a specified* torque.
  5. Hydrotesting for strength (pressure source - LP pump).

* If a torque wrench is available 

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Stand for the inspection of cylinders SOB – 40 R (СОБ-40 Р) consists of:

  • cylinder swing gear with a clamp;
  • cylinder lift;
  • electronic scales (optional);
  • test adapter;
  • manual unscrewing/screwing in drive;
  • lighting device;
  • control panel;
  • torque wrench (optional) 2-24 Nm.
Cylinder diameter up to 299 mm
Cylinder length up to 1400 mm
Torque when screwing in fittings 480...50 Nm
Max. water pressure at hydro testing for strength 40 MPa
*Measurement limit at weighting 150 kg
Dimensions H×W×D 1200 mm ×1550 mm × 900 mm
Weight 250 kg
*At the availability of scales ВПЕ 150
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