Basket for storage and transportation of cylinders

The transport baskets (container) is a rigid metal structure, providing high reliability, durability and convenience of storage and transportation of cylinders with industrial gases of any kind.

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The best way to transport cylinders in compliance with all the rules and regulations is the transport basket.

The design of the container provides for its most convenient and fast loading and unloading onto any kind of transport. The container can be loaded both with a crane and with a forklift.


  • cylinders a reproperly fastened and protected from mechanical damage (the basket frame provide sadditional protection for the stored cylinders);
  • possibility to transport up to twelve gas cylinders at once;
  • convenience of loading (unloading) onto (from) any transportation vehicle;
  • easiness of loading cylinders into the container;
  • reduction of time for loading and unloading operations;
  • convenience of transportation of large number of cylinders (when storing single piece cylinders there is a risk of their tipping over, rolling or hitting each other);
  • there is no need for fixing fastening elements in holds or truck beds as when transporting single - piece cylinders.
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