Stainless steel fill clusters

Stainless steel fill clusters constitute a device for ensuring the simultaneous filling of two tanks with a cryogenic liquid. Most often, the design of a filling cluster provides two globe valves, a hummer union for connecting a fluid source, a drain valve, to ensure safe operation and a check valve.

Designed for air separation products, vapors and cryogenic liquefied gases, including liquefied natural gas.

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The body and flange part with flanged connection made of stainless steel, a "long life" stem seal, "degreased" for oxygen service. 

Types of execution – on order only: 

  • other types of flanged connections.
Оperating temperature range from - 196 ºС to + 120 ºС
Сonnection dimensions DN 25, DN 40
Materials stainless steel
Operating pressure up to 50 bar
Installed length 225 mm
Height 350 mm
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