Spare parts and components for Cryostar S. A. S. pumps and turbo-expanders

CRYO INTER TRADING LLC is a certified partner and distributor of Cryostar S.A.S. in Ukraine.

Our own warehouse and well-established logistics system allows us to provide our customers with original components and spare parts for Cryostar cryogenic pumps and turbo-expanders in a timely manner.

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We supply components and spare parts for:

  • centrifugal cryogenic pumps: GBS, VS, CO, CBS, CS, SUBTRAN, MCP, VP;
  • reciprocating cryogenic pumps: HPP, LDPD, SDPD, MRP, PD 3000, LXR 1000;
  • turbo-expanders: ECO, TP, TC, TFC, TG, LTG/LTP.

Thus, our customers are always protected from long downtime of equipment and emergency cases, arising out of the lack of necessary spare parts and components.

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